One of the fantastic things about living (and drinking) in New York is all the wonderful food you can consume late at night. I have a number of late-night snacking favorites, but last night my friend Kevin insisted that we all go to Kati Roll Company in the West Village. Kevin has raved about this place for a while, and I was not disappointed. A kati roll or kathi roll is a kind of Indian street food that comes from the Indian state of Kolkata. It used to refer to a kati kebab wrapped in a parantha, but now any number of other versions go by the same name. At The Kati Roll Company, kati rolls are “a spicy mixture of meat and vegetables rolled in Indian flat-bread.” Kevin and I both got chicken tikka rolls, which we promptly inhaled (though not before I got this lovely picture of Kevin with his kati roll). Although they only serve rolls, there are many different filling options, ranging from the expected chicken and beef options to the achari paneer roll (Indian cottage cheese marinated in spicy pickles) and the aloo masala roll (spicy potato mixture). If I find myself needing a snack in the West Village, I will be sure to stop by The Kati Roll Company again.

{The Kati Roll Company}