I’m a little late on these stories, but I wanted to post them anyway.

1. Sotheby’s Art of Farming Auction Once upon a time I was an art world intern, so I was extremely curious when nternational auction house Sotheby’s recently held a vegetable auction. The auction itself ended up raising $100,000 for local farming efforts and was accompanied by a whole day of events about farming and produce.

{Sotheby’s siteNYTimes coverage}

2. Lure Silly Bandz I know. This is totally stupid. But if I’m going to be completely candid with you, dear readers, I have an embarrassing number of Silly Bandz littering my room. So far I have been happy with themes like “Food” and “Dogs,” but I would love a set with a “New York Food World” theme.

{via Eater}

3. Ikea’s Cookbook Ikea is coming out with a cookbook called Homemade Is Best (or Hembakat är Bäst). My friends and I spent many days eating Ikea’s hotdog special when we moved into our first apartment, so part of me was expecting recipes for Swedish meatballs and possibly some particleboard furniture. However, based on the images that have been all over the internet the past few days, we’re going to get something far more interesting. I’m posting more images from the book after the jump because I can’t resist the eye candy.

{via Today and Tomorrow}