Today I am giving thanks for many things, such as my family, friends, and health, for my wonderful apartment and amazing roommates, for college basketball and the internet and dinosaurs (even though they aren’t around anymore). I could keep going, but things would get weird. Anyway, most important for people reading this is that I am thankful that I found a solution to my camera problem!!!

The bad news is that it’s a really craptastic solution, but we’re going to live with that. I am a big fan of webcomics/blogs like Hyperbole and a Half, Natalie Dee, and XKCD. I have ambitiously decided to master the skills of drawing silly things in a basic paint program. So now instead of trying to take pretty pictures of my food that end up looking like piles of trash or perhaps vomit on a plate, I shall draw them on my computer instead.

I drew a picture of a Thanksgiving dinner, just to acclimate myself to this solution. Both drawings are pretty crappy, but I am still learning how to do this, so bear with me. Here you go: