Very belatedly, here is my New Years post, as promised. As I mentioned in December, there are some new features at The Infinite Table. So without further ado or procrastination, here they are:

1. The Infinite Kitchen. In my food and eating explorations, both on the internet and in real life, I frequently come across kitchens and dining rooms that I love. I feel guilty piling too many of these pictures on The Infinite Table because they are so tangentially related to food. So I have set up The Infinite Kitchen Tumblr to post all these pretty pictures. So whether you can’t get enough food and your passion spills over into kitchen design, or you are just an interior design nut, go check it out for some eye candy. I’ll also be taking submissions for posts, so if you have some sweet pictures of your kitchen, send them to me!

2. As I keep posting and keep adding links to recipes, it occurs to me that it might become increasingly difficult to go back and find that recipe you wanted to try. So for your convenience, I decided to add a recipe index. Every time I write about a recipe, I’ll post the link there.

3. This year I have also decided to start accepting reader requests. While my roommates and I have gluttonous habits and rarely have to search long to find something we’d like to cook (and more importantly, eat), I am always open to trying new techniques, new cuisines, and new flavor combinations. So if you see a recipe and need a guinea pig or hear of a restaurant but don’t live in New York, let me know!

So those are my exciting new plans for this blog. There are now links to the recipe index and reader request pages at the top of this website and a link to The Infinite Kitchen in the “Find Me” section at the bottom of the page. Please enjoy and let me know if there are other things you want to see! Last weekend I had the good fortune to enjoy a three-cheese fondue and a giant pot of shepherd’s pie while in the middle of completely rearranging my living room and kitchen, so I’ll be posting about those tomorrow!