1. Here is a great interview with one of my favorite celebrity chefs, Jean-George Vongerichten, from the Wall Street Journal last weekend. My favorite highlights: he never plates his food at his personal dinner parties, he has a weakness (perhaps addiction?) to gummy bears, and after spending eight years studying all manner of French stocks, his socks were still knocked off by a simple 3-minute broth sold on the street in Bangkok. These things confirm what I’ve always believed: that it’s not the pedigree of the chef or restaurant, it’s the people you eat with and the foods that make you smile. {image from Wall Street Journal}

2. The other day Uncrate brought my attention to this fabulous Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit. Brought to you by the fine minds at ThinkGeek, this kit is every child-nerd-cum-ardent-foodie’s dream. The kit includes 50 types of thickeners, emulsifiers, and binders, a few simple cooking tools, and a DVD full of cooking tutorials. So before you go rushing off to El Bulli, try your hand at a little molecular gastronomy yourself.

3. Bocuse D’Or is underway! Best of luck to James Kent and his commis Tom Allan, the USA team. Follow the events with Eater’s great coverage.