The title of this post is pretty vague and quite expansive. My kitchen wish list involves things like a giant kitchen with a skylight, a professional-style walk-in refrigerator, and a set of every single Le Creuset product in Dijon. Such things are clearly not in my immediate future (one day! right?).

But anyway, here is my list of kitcheny desires for the near, tangible future.

1. Chinois This is an underrated utensil, and for that reason tops my wish list. A chinois is a conical, fine-mesh sieve. This doesn’t sound that useful or glamorous, but it can be used to strain custards, purees (I’m sure Joel has a chinois for every day of the week), soups, and sauces. We also know that food is as much about texture as it is about flavor, and a chinois is a handy tool for making your smooth things smoother. For the suburban kitchen version pictured above, visit Williams-Sonoma. For a more industrial version, visit Bowery Kitchen.

2. Giant Stock Pot I have some large pots and a 7 quart dutch oven that all work pretty well for my large pot needs, such as they are. But whenever I make a stock, I have problems. I have to make stock in multiple pots, which doesn’t really hurt the stock, but it annoying from an efficiency and clean-up perspective. Therefore, before my stock-making weekend in October, I want to get a GIANT stock pot (or two? I need beef AND chicken stock. And maybe goat stock? Duck stock?). This, again, is a job for Bowery Kitchen.

3. Standardized Herb Jars The spice rack is a delicate subject for anyone who cooks often and has even the faintest of feelings about organization. I have fifteen different brands of spices, Ziploc bags of various chili peppers, and larger jars of fancy salts. I want them all to fit in the same space in some sort of intelligent, organized way, but instead it is chaos. I love the idea I saw on A Cozy Kitchen to get a bunch of little jars and chalkboard paint. A Cozy Kitchen painted the jar tops and neatly labelled all her herbs and spices. Jars available at The Container Store.

4. More Mixing Bowls I currently have two junky plastic mixing bows. They accomplish most activities, but I often find that during the course of cooking a dinner, I need to wash and re-use the bowls a few times. Right now I’m lusting after a nesting set of glass or metal bowls like this 10-piece set from Williams-Sonoma.

My kitchen is a constant work-in-progress, whether it’s keeping it clean, trying to cook new things, or acquiring more cooking toys. What’s on your kitchen wish list right now?