I know, it’s a day late. Traditionally, I hate this holiday. However, as I’ve become older and wiser and better at buying wine, I’ve come to realize that Valentine’s Day is a very important holiday for a girl and her most favorite bottle of sparkling Rose. I hope all of you, dearest readers, celebrated in whatever manner you see fit.

A few pieces of information:

1. Last week was Social Media Week, and I love social media. I had the good fortune to go to two of the week’s events, both about food. On Friday morning, I attended the panel discussion “Almost Good Enough to Eat: Food Communities and Social Media, Presented by AOL” featuring:

I’m not sure how interesting this session would have been for those of you not obsessed with food AND social media, but the panelists were all great food personalities. I would encourage everyone to check out their websites and Twitter feeds.┬áIn the afternoon I attended another panel discussion “The New Open Kitchen. Panel & Happy Hour hosted by Zagat and Edelman” with the panelists:

Oleg Voss was quiet, but hilarious and I cannot wait until his West Village brick and mortar opens. Amanda and Jake provided great insight from both the restaurant and social media platform perspectives. Soraya might have been my favorite panelist of the day. I have checked out foodspotting.com a lot, but sadly can’t use it because I’m still waiting for the Blackberry app. However, I was highly impressed with her penetrating industry vision in both the food and web worlds. If you haven’t checked out FoodSpotting I strongly recommend it. If you like Food Porn Daily and drooling into your keyboard, you will love it.

2. I have very exciting news for everyone: tomorrow will feature a guest post by the fabulous Mr. Gabriel Kussin. A Brown University alumnus, Gabe and I have been friends for many years and shared a passion for food and all of it’s culinary and cultural features. I recently invited him to write a guest post and he kindly obliged. His post has a lot more substance than mine usually do (so they don’t consist of me says “I ate something and it was delicious yum!”), so be sure to tune in tomorrow and check it out.

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